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Phuket Paintball

Phuket Paintball
Paintball is the fastest growing extreme sport. Unlike other extreme sports like mountain climbing, motocross, stock car racing, sky diving, whitewater kayaking, paintball is the only extreme sport that gives you a high adrenaline rush without a risk of serious injury, due to an error in judgment. It also does not require extensive training and has no barriers for gender, strength, or age. It is a challenging and exciting sport that teaches many valuable skills. The sport encourages youths and adults, and men and women to play together on teams. It encourages social interaction between younger players and
adults and promotes equality between men and women. For these reasons, paintball is the fastest growing extreme sport.
In order to play the game of paintball, you need the following equipment: paintballs, air supply, paint marker (gun), protective head/eye gear, and protective clothing. The paintball is a nontoxic, water soluble, edible paint. It is propelled through a marker by a constant air supply towards its target. The head/eye gear is a paintball specific protective mask that shields the face, neck and ears.
There are many variations to the game, all of which are fun and exhilarating. The game most commonly played is "Capture the Flag". This game involves teams using problem-solving skills to capture the opponents flag and return it to their own base without getting tagged. "Tagging" is a direct hit by a paintball, anywhere on the body, which causes a paint "splat". If this occurs, the team player is "out" for that game. The key to winning the game of paintball is good teamwork and problem solving skills. You may have to overcome the challenges of being out numbered or having your own flag captured. If you don't work as a team, you will not succeed in paintball. In fact, many large corporate businesses, youth groups, and families enjoy paintball to build teamwork skills.
We have all the equipment you need for rent. We always have a safety briefing before playing, where we explain how to play and how to use the equipment.
At Phuket Shooting Range we offer 2 playing fields.
Wood Field:
  • Perfect for flag games
  • Consists of flag station - river
  • Attack takes place through water
Town Field:
  • Small fighting zone
  • Suitable for fast action packed games and smaller groups
  • Simulating urban warfare
  • 50 bullets 890 THB per person/set
  • Extra 50 bullets 590 THB per person
Opening hours : Daily 09:00 - 18:00 hours
Reservation: by phone 076-381667, 076-381668 or by email (use the link in left submenu)

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