Phuket Snorkeling

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Phuket Snorkeling

Phuket Snorkeling
This can be enjoyed in sheltered bays all around Phuket. It is particularly enjoyable at easily accessible reefs at Patong, Karon and Kata beach.
Snorkelling equipment, fins, mask and snorkel, can be rented on a daily basis from shops all over the island.

Snorkeling Tips



1) Test if a mask fits correctly by putting it on without the strap and breathe in through the nose and the mask should stick firmly to the face.
It is important not to over-tighten the mask strap. Over-tightening will break the seal, causing the mask to leak.
2) To avoid fogging, spit on the inside of your mask and rub it in, then wash in the ocean. There is also anti-fog you can buy at dive shops that may last all day. You can also try to rub toothpaste on the mask, both inside and out, leave it on until entering the water, and wash it off. This will keep fog away for the day.
Don't try to breathe with your nose or else the mask will quickly fog up.
3) You clear a leaking mask by pushing the heel of your hand into the top of the mask to hold it in place, then exhale through your nose with a steady effort to push the water out from the bottom of the mask.


1) Clearing a snorkel is easy, just blow the water out as hard as can from your mouth.

2) You may find yourself biting down hard on the mouthpiece but there is no need, just relax and breath slowly and naturally.


1) Avoid walking with fins on. If you must walk, shuffle your feet sideways or backwards only.
2) Your fin kick should be a fluid up and down motion, not a "bicycle" back and forth motion. Instead of splashing the surface with the fins, try to keep them slightly submerged for optimal performance. You will have better thrust if you can keep your legs together, not spread apart.
To avoid a bad sunburn wear T-shirt with a good waterproof sun block. Don't forget Phuket is a tropical island where sunburn can occur very quickly.
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